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New York State Senate Standing Committee on
Housing, Construction and Community Development
Public Hearing on Rental Housing and Tenant Protection Legislation

May 22, 2019

Tenants PAC raises funds from tenants, progressive labor unions and other supporters of tenants’ rights and affordable housing. We recruit tenants as volunteers in targeted elections. We are an all-volunteer organization, so all contributions are used only for our modest costs of operation and to support our targeted candidates.

While tenants will never be able to match the landlords' money, our financial contributions to pro-tenant candidates can make a big difference. And tenants can play a big role in elections by volunteering to knock on doors and to staff phone banks.

Tenants PAC focuses on the New York State Legislature, which has ultimate power over all state and local rent protection laws. While we have succeeded in electing many pro-tenant candidates to the State Senate and State Assembly, and in defeating several pro-landlord incumbents, the power of real estate money remains a strong and corrupting influence in our state government. Please join our efforts by donating money, time and energy to the struggle for tenants' rights.