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Tenants PAC endorses Rebecca Lynch for Queens Council Seat

Tenants PAC endorses Rebecca Lynch in Queens Council race

Tenants Political Action Committee has endorsed Rebecca Lynch in the race to replace former City Council member Mark Weprin.  

“We know that Rebecca will be a champion for tenants and tenants’ rights on the City Council,” said Michael McKee, Tenants PAC treasurer. “I first met Rebecca at a tenant meeting when she was eight years old. She grew up fighting for tenants, and we know that she will continue to do so when she is elected.”  

McKee explained that Lynch’s extensive knowledge of landlord-tenant issues and her clear understanding of the problems tenants face in Queens and throughout the city will make her an invaluable ally on the City Council.  

He added that the Tenants PAC board was also impressed with Ali Najmi, and that choosing between the two candidates had been difficult. “Ali is also a genuine progressive, and showed a good understanding of the problems tenants face. This was a hard choice.”  

There are 4,500 rent-regulated apartments in the 23rd City Council District in northeastern Queens. Six candidates are running in the special Democratic primary scheduled for Thursday, September 10.