Pro-tenant candidates for New York State Senate

Statewide general election: Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Tenants PAC is attempting to help turn the New York State Senate blue on November 8. Because of the much higher Democratic turnout in a presidential year, we have a good shot at doing this. For example, when Obama ran for his second term in 2012, the Democrats actually won a 33 to 30 majority in the state senate, but were denied the majority because a group of turncoat Democrats cut a deal with Governor Cuomo and the Senate Republicans to keep the GOP in power. In 2014, an off year, one million of the 2012 voters stayed home and the Democrats lost three seats, allowing the GOP to win a narrow 33-30 majority.

This year, we are supporting eleven Democratic candidates in Nassau County, Westchester County, the Hudson Valley, the Southern Tier and Buffalo. Our support for most of these candidates is making contributions to their campaigns. So far we have raised enough funds to give a total of $68,000 to our candidates, and we hope to do more in the remaining weeks.

For two candidates in Nassau (Ryan Cronin & Adam Haber), and two in Westchester (incumbent George Latimer & Ali Boak), we are also recruiting volunteers for GOTV work. As most of our volunteers live in the five boroughs, or Nassau or Westchester Counties, it would be unrealistic to get folks to go to Buffalo or Elmira.

There are no competitive state senate elections in NYC, which has only two Republican senators, one of whom does not even have a Democratic opponent.

Tenants PAC is supporting the following pro-tenant candidates for state senate, all Democrats, two incumbents, the others challengers:


Ryan Cronin (SSD 6, challenging GOP incumbent Kemp Hannon)

Adam Haber (SSD 7, open seat, GOP opponent is Elaine Phillips)

Todd Kaminsky (SSD 9, incumbent, GOP challenger is Chris McGrath)



George Latimer (SSD 37, incumbent, GOP challenger is Julie Killian)



Chris Eachus (SSD 39, challenging GOP incumbent William Larkin)

Ali Boak (SSD 40, challenging GOP incumbent Terrence Murphy)

Terry Gipson (SSD 41, challenging GOP incumbent Sue Serino)

Sara Niccoli (SSD 46, challenging GOP incumbent George Amedore)



Shaun Francis (SSD 43, challenging GOP incumbent Kathy Marchione)



Leslie Danks Burke (SSD 58, challenging GOP incumbent Thomas O'Mara)

Amber Small (SSD 60, open seat in Buffalo, GOP candidate is Chris Jacobs)


For more information or to volunteer:


Tenants Political Action Committee

277 Broadway, Suite 608

New York NY 10007

(212) 577-7001